Monday, May 5, 2014

Create Self Grading Quizzes with Google Forms and Flubaroo

This tool has been shared before, but due to the improvements in quality and ease of use I think it is worth sharing again.

One of the lesser know tools in Google Drive is Google Forms. This tool allows you to create a number of different questions that can be assigned through email or hyperlinks. The results from these questions are automatically gathered into a Google Spreadsheet. It makes it incredibly easy to gather information from multiple sources and compile it in one place.

If you create a quiz made up of multiple choice, list, or very specific text answers you can even make the quiz self grading!  By using the Flubaroo Add-on (formerly a script) you can choose an answer key that the program will use to grade all of you results. It will even create a new sheet with the students' graded results and an item analysis of all of the questions.
It is an easy and free way to create assessments that grade themselves and save you time.

Check out the video below to see how.

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